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from Caravanning and Camping Out by J. Harris Stone (1914)

"There is one wholesome lesson everyone learns when caravanning – to think more, to talk less."

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This site has been developed by RV historian Andrew Woodmansey as a resource for learning about early recreational vehicles from around the world. It is a calm place with no adverts, sponsors, popups, videos, likes, comments or social media links. A place to reflect on the hobby's birth and be inspired by early pioneers of the RV movement. Many photos are published here for the first time.



To complement our print book and growing list of blogs, is now pleased to offer its first eBook on early RV patents. More are planned if this one is well supported. Find out more here. celebrates its first birthday in January 2023. Launched to coincide with my first book on RV history, the blog has met its target of one blog a week during its first year. It now features 55 blogs covering a wide range of topics from six main countries. There is a five-part blog on early RV history and stories of early RVs and their builders from around the world. Many blogs include previously unpublished material. Search by country or explore the most recent blogs below.

The site's top five blogs are currently The First Automobile Camping Trailer, Australian Motorhomes of the 1920s, 25 Years of Winchester Caravans, America's First RV and Germany: Lightweight RV Leaders.

Recreational Vehicles: A World History 1872-1939 is now available worldwide in all good bookshops.

With 38 professional reviews to date in online and print media, the book is one of Pen & Swords most-reviewed books. It has had a universally positive reception since publication in January 2022. Thank you to everyone who has reviewed or bought the book. Please add a review or star rating when you buy – this helps greatly. The book is also available in over 100 libraries worldwide.

Snowbirds and RV Travelers magazine of Canada has produced a short video based on the book here.

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"A meticulous volume that is surely destined as the standard reference work about caravans and motorhomes."
The Society of Automotive Historians in Britain
The first ever international history of recreational vehicles. Published by Pen & Sword Books in January 2022.

Fully illustrated with over 300 period, high quality black and white images
of pre-WW2 RVs from the UK, France, USA, Germany, Australia and New Zealand including many published for the first time.

This book will re-write RV history.
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